Invite friends double bonus

Invite friends GET 128 BONUS

 Cumulative depositbonusturnover

1、 The referer must be LV2+ member,and deposit 500+

2、 The referee must be Lv2+ and have deposit 500+ within 7 days after the registration, otherwise it will be invalid.

3、The referee must be registered after Feb.01.2023

4、When the referee gets the referral bonus 68P, the referer will get a bonus 128P the next day

5、The bonus will be issued by 6pm every day. No need to claim.

6、1 times turnover, unlimited withdrawal at any game

7、How to check bonus records (Member Center>>Promotion>>History)

Second BONUS

Invite friend, get 999 PHP back every day

Promotion detail:

Rebate percentageMinimum reward amountDaily top bonus
0.5%1 PHP999 PHP

1、 Recommend friends to play games, and return 0.5% of the friend’s deposit amount every day

Eg: Your referee friend A deposit 10,000PHP Aug.1.2022, you would get 50PHP next day Aug.2

2、When referee register, must fill out with your username as referral, otherwise you would not get the bonus

3、This promotion no need to claim, the bonus will be issued 3pm every day automatically.

4、The bonus is able to be issued must more than 1PHP (Minimum issuable bonus 1PHP), maximun 999PHP

5、Requistd 1 time turnover, any game available

6、More recommendations more bonus.

Terms & Conditions

1、Each player can only join once, and the same IP、mobile phone number、device、 same ID、bank account number will be considered as the same player.

2、JILIKO has the right to subject to change or cancel the promo.


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